Cloud Email Archiving For On-Premise Mail Servers

Switch to secure cloud backup and archiving for emails and attachments sent using
Zimbra, Lotus Notes (Now IBM Notes), CPanel, MailEnable, Mdaemon, Postfix, Sendmail or other servers

Have you hosted your own mail server? Very often, the built-in on-premise email archiving capabilities of servers fall short of expectations. IT admins might vouch for it, but setting up and maintaining on-premise archive solutions is complicated and time-consuming.

Vaultastic provides a safe way to back up and archive all your on-premise mails on the cloud. We also ensure that your Zimbra or Lotus Notes email archiving solution assures advanced email data security, 24/7 eDiscovery support, information availability, admin and user access, assured business continuity and high data durability.

Top benefits of using Vaultastic:

  • Vaultastic requires zero capex for hardware and software infrastructure.
  • Our “Pay as you go” model lets you easily scale up your storage with a sudden surge in storage requirement.
  • DIY: Our self service portal helps users serve themselves – reply, forward, download, print and export, without having to queue their requests with the IT helpdesk.
  • Quick retrieval: Search, select, forward or download emails from the enterprise email vault. Eliminate the need to download/export entire mailboxes to retrieve a select few mail.
  • Data privacy guaranteed.
  • Auto upgrades for hardware and software. No manual intervention required.
  • Auto scaling for storage. Vaultastic accommodates sudden surge in email volume, thus ensuring that no mails are lost.
  • Vaultastic is hosted on the AWS Cloud and provides 99.99999999999% durability of data and 99.99% uptime.
  • No monitoring: Once you’ve set up Vaultastic, you don’t have to spend any timing monitoring its performance. The system is self-running, also automatically sends you usage report.
  • Highly secure: Your emails are archived in a cloud storage with multi-layered security making it one of safest email vaults out there.
  • Environmental friendly: Since Vaultastic is cloud-based, it reduces the total physical server footprint, which has inherent green benefits.
  • More cost effective: Cloud setup has tangible cost benefits over on-premise setup. Read our blog here.

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